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Milestone Memories
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For the event you will never forget, choose the unique memento that will last forever – a stunning black and white pen and ink drawing of you as a keepsake for both you and your guests.

Flowers are beautiful but alas, they do not last. Our portraits are not only beautiful but they will stay fresh long after a flower’s last bloom. They will also capture the essence of your happy occasion and even add some humor if you wish.

You will receive an oversize three foot by four foot mural, which will make an eye-catching centerpiece for your affair, and the guest tables can be adorned with smaller, beautifully framed versions of the portrait for your guests to take home. 

Weddings – Wouldn’t you love to have a dazzling oversized hand-drawn portrait of yourselves and have an 11”x15” copy classically framed in black aluminum to give to both sets of your parents or to friends and relatives as a thank you gift. Smaller 8” by 10” versions can be placed on the tables as “door prizes” that your friends and relatives will really cherish. We can do portraits not only of the bride and groom but also of the bride and groom’s parents as well, to add a special touch. 

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvahs – Your child will never be 12 or 13 again! As a parent, you may say “thank goodness” at times, but there is something captivating about children being on the cusp of both innocence and maturity. We will capture them in all their youthful promise and give you and your guests a lifetime of memories.

Friends and Family Celebrations - Sweet Sixteens, Anniversaries, Baby Namings, Family Reunions and other events worthy of celebrating are also worth commemorating with a portrait from Milestone Memories or a custom cartoon from Cartoonjazz.com

Corporate Events – A gold watch may keep time, but our portraits will fix the time of your event in everyone’s fond memories. We can even develop custom cartoons that will add humor to any occasion or marketing campaign.

Computer Screensavers - Beautifully packaged keepsakes with a custom portrait, cartoon or any images you want, to give to friends, relatives, colleagues, clients or business associates.

Choices for Every Budget and Sentiment

Bronze - One head-turning three foot by four foot  black and white mounted portrait mural, along with two additional oversized 11’ by 15” copies with custom gray mattes ensconced in  a unique 16" by 20” classic black aluminum frame.

Silver -  All the above plus an additional three foot by four foot mural copy, one additional 11’ by 15” framed copy and 10  additional 8” by 10’ framed copies for guests.

Gold - A total of THREE  DIFFERENT custom three foot by four foot murals, three 11” by 15” framed copies and a total of twenty framed 8’ by 10” copies.

Political DinersWe Need A Little Help From You
 Once You Decide on a Milestone Memory...

Besides a smile, please send us one or more digital photos of the portrait subjects and a picture of your wedding dress, suit or tuxedo,  if you would like to be portrayed in one.

On receipt of your photos we’ll do a draft portrait to make sure we meet your approval and then do the final version

Please talk to your event planner for additional details.

To see some of our mural samples, please visit our murals page or click on one of the images on this page for a larger version.




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