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Product Name: #0044

Man to woman holding book on Astrology. They are at party and he is trying to be nice to her with difficulty even though she is an airhead, because she is very attractive. She has just asked him if he believes in astrology:

Astrology? Sure I believe that my day-to-day existence is affected by a few arbit
rary stars trillions of miles away, mistakenly chosen by scientifically ignorant ancients out of a firmament containing quintillion! Doesn't everybody?

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Product Name: #1004 3.gif
Caption: "Get the *!#@ off my foot PLEASE! Punctuation Equilibrium - Learning a Jurassic evolutionary lesson in record time. (New Triceratops horns teach tyrannosaurus to mind what he eats in only one million years) "

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Product Name: #1005 3.gif
Caption: Ok, who took my nano-car for a joy ride?

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Product Name: #1006 3.gif
Caption: Hey, Feynman, the suitcase may look full, but there's plenty of room at the bottom!

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Product Name: #0950


Description: Little League baseball team, ready for play with bat and gloves, are standing at home plate looking at a blackboard of physics equations. Their coach is the physics teacher. One player says to another:
Caption: We may be the last in the little league, but we have a leg up on AP physics.

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