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Cartoons are the picture perfect gift for all occasions!!
Cartoonjazz.com will demonstrate that laughter is the lubricant that eases our way as we shuffle through this mortal coil. Everybody loves cartoons- if they are good. Now you can give your friends, relatives, spice (plural of spouse) and enemies, beautifully framed cartoons that express your sentiments, your point of view and your sense of humor. How much more personal can a gift be?

Cartoonjazz.com has cartoons that will make you laugh, think, and occasionally cry all at the same time. So we must warn you, never to view them while driving or at funerals.

Note: Our beautifully framed cartoons will look great in your office, home or jail cell.



We have cartoons for any holiday, occasion, mood, activity, occupation, political or religious persuasion, race, creed or crayon color. Even if you are un-born, we have un-birthday cartoons that your un-friends can buy for you (or vice versa). Those of you that celebrate more conventional milestones such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, divorces, separations, dismemberments, cockfights, condom fights, Mother's day, Father's Day, Fratricide Day, Proudly Childless Couple's day, ‘Never had any' Spinster's day, Greeting Card Manufacturers' Made Up Day, New Years day, Old Year's day, Infernal Equinox day, etc., will have their pick of the cartoon litter. With so many occasions to celebrate, it's amazing that any work gets done in this world.

Hang these cartoons in your office waiting room and your bottom line will go up. Or go down. WE GUARANTEE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

You can have our cartoons in any color you want, as long as they are black and white (thanks Henry Ford).

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