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(Even your customers)

Business Humor Sells

Imagine a marketing campaign where your prospect or client smiles at your wit and humor. You are halfway to a sale.

Whatever business you are in, your customers and clients respond positively to humor. We remember what we laugh at. Like most of us, you probably remember only the funny Super Bowl commercials or the wardrobe malfunctions. As such, Cartoonjazz has developed some of the sharpest best-drawn cartoons in the business world, covering dozens of subjects (feel free to browse the site). For the first time we are offering custom cartoon art for your business or marketing campaigns.

Be our guest and pick our brains (but please wash your hands first).

Brainstorm with us about…

Custom Decorative Wall Art
See our selection of Hotel and Restaurant cartoons

Decorate your Business or Hotel with impact cartoon art designed to get results. Public spaces love our cartoons and you can either give them away or sell them.

AdvertoonsTM - Custom Cartoon Marketing Programs
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Reinvigorate your sales efforts with friendly, funny cartoon marketing programs and send mailers to your prospect base that will get their attention and put them in a buying mood.

Milestone Memory Portraits for Every Occasions
Visit our Milestone Memories Page for more information

The perfect way to commemorate any business or family celebration is with a custom portrait from cartoonjazz.com. See our Milestone Memories page for samples, details and options.

 Custom Greeting cards

Use our standard cartoons or let us come up with memorable “thank you” cards or Holiday cards that won't find their way into the round file before the stamps are even dry.

Click to see samples of our Murals

We can cover your naked walls with panoramic breathtaking art that will make a statement to any visitor. Scroll through our voluminous files or let us give life to your imagination.

 Navigate our Site at your Humoristic Peril

Just to see that we are not blowing smoke, please look at some of our Hotel and Restaurant cartoons and our Gift Industry cartoons (see above). Then don’t be shy to pick a category of personal interest (e.g. Pets, Business, Medical, Women, School, Children , etc.). You are bound to get a few ideas in between chuckles. Contact us and let the fun begin.



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